Old Cubes

Have you ever dreamed of one of your old cubes attacking you in your sleep ? Yeah me neither because that is weird ...

Anyway if you have some old cubes around you at the moment, grab one of them and keep reading ... 

Don't you think your old cubes deserve some respect, I mean yes the might be from 2016 or earlier, but at some point, you used to use them every day right ? I mean even if they are from Rub- Rubix ? Roubiks? You either learned how to solve it or some new algorithms.

Imagine you get a brand new cube right now and it is really good that you start using it as a main, what will happen to your old main ? You probably won't care until you re-grab that cube after ,months or years and you remember how fun and good it used to be. 

Can it be difficult? Well yes because with all the new features the modern cubes have, you might not like your old cubes with, for example, no magnets, or say no special system.

I was using my old Rubik's 3x3 earlier and I have to say that all the memories I had with them came back, and it felt really good (I know it is bad but like come on we all liked it at some point)

So in the end, Show some love to all your cubes, even if they're old, bad, or destroyed, don't let them down... 

Non Cubers
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