Non Cubers
(What I think)

If you're a Cuber you have probably heard something like this: 

" My cousin can solve it in two seconds "

" I remove the stickers "

" How do you do that ?! "

Most non-Cubers think that solving a Rubik's cube requires some type of "super intelligence"; but for us, we know it only requires time and practice.If you solve a Rubik's cube you are automatically considered a genius and to be honest it is pretty satisfying. I once got my cube with me at school and a lot of people thought I couldn't solve the cube, and when I did they were all shocked and they asked me to do it again.

Alright here is a little secret : "If you solve a cube in front of non-cubers, they will not pay attention to the time you are taking, unless you are solving it in 15 MINU-"...                         But okay, you will have to solve the cube like you are solving every single day, and at least in less than 50 seconds. I , at this time of posting this, average about 38 seconds and for them, it is pretty fast. But for people that solve it in 6-7 seconds, it is VERY impressive.

So in conclusion, we see that non cubers are not that bad unless he Touches Your Main then you can officially ignore him ...


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